Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blast from the Past: Remade in the 80s (and 90s)

I have a friend who first heard the song Ticket to Ride as The Carpenters' version, and to him it's the "real" version of the song. The Beatles' original version is to him the lesser of the two. That's crazy, I know, but it really does seem to be the one you heard first that sticks and feels "real" to you. As a consequence, lots of people alive in the 1980s are far more familiar with remakes made of earlier songs, and think it is the 80s cheese that reigns supreme.

1. & 2. You Keep Me Hangin' On - Kim Wilde vs. Diana Ross & The Supremes

3. & 4. Venus - Bananarama vs. Shocking Blue

5. & 6. Hazy Shade of Winter - The Bangles vs. Simon & Garfunkel

7. & 8. Lean on Me - Club Nouveau vs. Bill Withers

9. & 10. Take a Chance on Me - Erasure vs. ABBA

I really saved the best for last there, didn't I? I could watch those two over and over!

Happy Monday, everybody.


  1. Grrrr, I couldn't watch the Erasure video on your site. Also, still having problems loading your web site- it takes minutes to load your site, before I am able to scroll down. Even after a new computer and modem, it still is hard to load your site. Even on my mobile phone, it is slow.
    Not sure why, but hopefully you will figure it out becaue I am sure I am not the only one with the problem.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Dan. I wonder where the issue is? I'm using Blogger, like you, and it opens right up at work (maybe 15 seconds to load this video-heavy post). And Erasure plays on this end. Hmmm. I may do some pruning this weekend, clearing out some of the stuff on the left-hand side.

    I'm finding that a lot of commercial sites (Huffington Post, Salon, etc.) are like that, you have to wait for 16 ads to load before you can even scroll! It *is* annoying. Which browser do you usually use?


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