Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blast from the Past: Clean & Fresh!

I'm in the tail-end phase of a home improvement project that just snowballed through the entire first quarter of the year, on into spring. We'll complete the effort over the next week or so, but in the meantime, things are in a bit of disarray. As such, there's a constant need for cleaning, and that got me to thinking of all the cleaning products that used to be advertised when I was growing up. Loads of them are still around today, of course, but the commercials aren't as classic.

1. Mr. Clean (1978)
2. Calgon (1970s) - I've used this before, but can't resist.

3. Palmolive (1981) - With Madge the manicurist
4. Dow Scrubbing Bubbles (1978)

5. Spic and Span (1970s) - With Minnie Pearl!
6. S.O.S Pads (1981)

7. Atlantic Bee Mop (1987)
8. Mop & Glo (1988)

9. Clorox 2 (1986) - The magic of Clorox 2!
10. Wisk (1971) - Ring around the collar!

And with that, I'll wish you a good (clean & fresh) week, and a happy Monday!

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