Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Gay Thing: Louisiana Votes to Retain Sodomy Law

There are pockets of mean and pockets of stupid in this country. And they tend to make news, and they often converge. For what other reason than a blend of stupidity and meanness would a state keep a law on the books that was ruled unconstitutional more than a decade ago? But Louisiana did it, retaining a law against sodomy. Which means, the conservative government of the Bayou State wants government big enough to peek into your bedroom, and let you know that only state approved sex acts are allowed.


Louisiana House votes 27-66 to keep unconstitutional anti-sodomy law on the books

The Louisiana House of Representatives rejected legislation, on Tuesday, that would remove the state's symbolic ban on certain kinds of sodomy. The bill failed by a wide margin on a vote of 27-67, with 11 members not voting. . .

Read more at: The Times-Picayune


  1. So, then, you would be against ObamaCarebecause of all the intrusions health care professionals questions have to ask. For instance, if you have guns in your house, if a man has harmed his wife/girl friend and your lifestyle.
    Thanks for joining our side.

  2. My lifestyle? What? I'm not following. ObamaCare is private insurance. Who's asking what?

  3. Dan, it took me a while to figure out what you're talking about! Then I found this:

    And please, my "lifestyle" is probably not a whole lot different from yours. Just FYI, not a word that's very descriptive. Now, not sure about the wife-girlfriend part, but that could be pertinent if you're in the doctor's office for an STD! :)

  4. Snopes just did Medicare, they didn't check out policies with the ACA.
    I shoul have said their lifestyle- nothing about the gay thing. 3 large beers will do that to a person.
    You're probably right, other than the gay thing, the conservative/liberal thing and your husband has a hell of a lot more exciting job than I have and you are a whole lot smarter than me in IT stuff though you have worse luck), our lives are pretty close.
    Though we do have some things in common, like your dad being a firefighter and I was also, we both live in Henderson, we both migrated from colder weather and probably a lot more, we do have a few things in common.

  5. Dan, seriously, could you give me a straight (not arch conservative) source on these things you mention ObamaCare mandates be asked by doctors? Because I hadn't heard that before.


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