Wednesday, April 2, 2014

President Takes Rare Victory Lap on ObamaCare's Successful Start Up

I used victory lap in the title because absolutely everyone is. And maybe it's because Obama doesn't do that very much. It's not that there have been no victories, it's that the news cycle moves so fast, there never seems to be enough acknowledgement of them. So, after an admittedly disastrous rollout of the website, which allowed Republicans to prematurely paint the program as a failure (well, moreso than they would have in any event), I think the Prez is in his right to spike the football (also a popular phrase), now that the first enrollment cycle is successfully complete.

Now, can we please talk about something else? I'm so, so tired of this topic. And please don't say "Benghazi." And yeah, here's a little more Maddow, because she's good at this stuff.


  1. Well, ObamaCare has been a failure. It has thrown millions off their insurance, signed up very few previously uninsured, doesn't has enough young people to support and they had to make so many changes that the worst is yet to come.
    Yeah, that's success for you.

  2. Dammit, Google ate my response. A) I disagree it was a failure. B1) Insurance companies used to regularly threw people off of insurance BEFORE ObamaCare, and for a variety of reasons. B2) Most of those insurance plans were absolute CRAP that didn't pay for much, had high copays and deductibles. If people "liked" them, they were nuts. C) This was called the "Affordable Care Act," and most people's plans *are* more affordable. D) Nobody said it'd be perfect, in fact they told us up front there'd be glitches and bumps in the road to be ironed out. Perhaps if the right could stop sabatoging, and throwing bombs from the sidelines, and HELPED to improve it, things would be a little further along. Considering they've thus far done everything they could to destroy it, it's amazing it's as good as it is.


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