Sunday, April 27, 2014

Right Wing World: Sarah Palin Would Torture if She Were in Charge

Oh boy, we really dodged a bullet, didn't we? This gormless, ridiculous woman had a shot at the second-highest elected office in the land. Since she thankfully missed that shot, she's been on a relentless, lucrative, crazy train of embarrassing word salad pronouncements. And just keeps managing to top herself. Looking more and more like a (very masculine) drag queen version of herself, Sarah Palin appeared before the NRA. Apparently not understanding that the topic of the group is guns, Palin decided to announce that she's pro-torture. Well, it was presented as a "joke." And if she were remotely funny. . .well, never mind.  I watched a few moments of the clip linked below, and had to shut it off. That voice could cut glass.

Sarah Palin: If I Were President ‘Waterboarding Is How We’d Baptize Terrorists’

“. . .If I were in charge,” Palin said, “[America's enemies] would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists. . .”

Read more (with video) at: Mediaite


  1. I agree with her, assuming that the terrorist had information to give up.
    I had no problem with waterboarding if a terrorist had information that ould prevent deaths of innocents.
    And if you are against waterboarding, just think of this: If a terrorist (or criminal) that had information that would save your, your husband or family member life, and he would not give it up any other way than waterboarding, would you support the waterboarding?

  2. Waterboarding is torture. We're not supposed to torture. It's against international law, and against our own Constitution. Not to mention that it was shown to be ineffective.

    So, no, I'm totally not with you on this one. Plus, Sarah Palin is an idiot. But that's beside the point!


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