Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ObamaCare™ Failed to Fail

It's a wonder we got here, with the Affordable Care Act's first year's sign-ups done or in some measure of doneness (yes, those still queued up get to finish the process).  What with the botched rollout giving it two black eyes and a lame leg, and obstruction from Republicans every step of the way, it didn't seem like they'd ever get over the finish line. But here we are, and if Rachel Maddow is correct, this is the end of ObamaCare™ as a big national news story.

It'll still be used as a sledge hammer in the primaries and fall election, by Republicans who seem to have it as their only strategy. So you know, there will still be a parade of "horror stories," the majority of which will prove to be frauds. And the Congress will likely vote to repeal it a few more dozen times. But all of these people who signed up will now be customers. Those unaffected will be unlikely to sustain the manufactured rage they've been made to feel about it. And in time, we'll stop calling it ObamaCare­®, and go back to calling it the ACA.

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