Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Caesar's Ghost! No New Superman Movie?

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Well, I am bummed. I'm a big DC Comics fan, particularly of Superman. I eagerly anticipated Superman Returns, and was happy that the movie came out as well as it did. The film had its flaws, but I thought Brandon Routh made a great Superman, and Kevin Spacey a terrific Lex Luthor. In hindsight, continuing the story told in Superman: The Movie and Superman II may not have been the best decision. But overall, I really liked it.

I'm in the distinct minority. Though almost every comic book fan saw the film, the prevailing attitude seems to be that the film sucked. It's kind of like Star Trek fans' dismissal of Voyager, Enterprise and sometimes Deep Space Nine. They're hardcore fans, they watched every episode, but they have nothing nice to say about them. Fans can be cold, and they were cold to Superman Returns.

The film also had an unfair disadvantage in having to recoup tons of money from the many false starts that DC and Warner Brothers spent decades coming up with, then trashing. So, a respectable box office tally barely recouped the costs. And now, due to a lawsuit with the heirs of Superman's creators, DC will soon be restricted from using some of the elements of Superman lore without paying out extra money. So, you'd think that doing a Superman movie before that kicks in would be prudent. But, you'd be wrong.

Why? I dunno. How in the world could it be so difficult to come up with something good for the best-known superhero of all time? They've been talking reboot, which I think sucks, especially this soon. And given the track record of DC with both Superman and Wonder Woman (as well as with other properties), it is likely that the next Superman film will have the same challenge of overcoming costs from aborted projects. I guess my hopes from the formation of DC Entertainment were for naught.


Superman Not Heading Into Theatres Anytime Soon

. . .When asked if the shake-up (and the recent court decision) meant a Superman movie would be more likely to happen now, Nelson replied that "We actually don’t have any current plans for Superman. . ."

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