Monday, September 28, 2009

Glenn Beck Before He Was Glenn Beck

It's interesting to see where some TV political pundits got their bona fides. Rachel Maddow, for instance, has a degree in public policy, a Rhodes Scholarship, and a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Politics. What about rising star, Glenn Beck? Surely--given his massive popularity--he's got to be equally accredited, right?

Surprisingly, no. Apparently, he's an early college dropout (full disclosure, I am too, but I dropped out much later than Beck), and was a wacky morning zoo DJ! That's it! Wanna see him in his previous job?


  1. Nothing wrong with that, right? :p

    Maybe conservatives aren't biased against the average american and only select intellectual elitists to be able to "talk" to them.

    Nothing against Rachel Maddow, but frankly I don't really know if the education itself is responsible for her insights. Perhaps she could of done the same job even without it.

    Nonetheless very few americans get a college degree. You dropped out as well. I dropped out to start my own small business and am doing better than many of my friends who have degrees. I even have a relative with a *double* master's (two masters) who literally can't find a job. For the past few months.

  2. I am quite unbiased as it pertains to college degrees, in most cases. But I often hear people like Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck a) criticize people like Barack Obama for being inexperienced, or b) criticize a celebrity for opining on something political. "Who are they to have an opinion, or hold office?"

    And yet, what are Hannity's, Beck's or Limbaugh's bona fides? Why is their opinion on anything WORTH anything? If I'm not mistaken, all of them were college dropouts (in Beck's case, he barely went at all), and were radio DJs. THAT'S IT! These people, upon whom legions of listeners base their whole ideologies, don't necessarily know what they're talking about.

    My point in using Maddow is that she's actually educated in what she's talking about. Not that it's a requirement, only that she's one of the few who can claim it.


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