Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall TV: New V to Have Odd Schedule

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When a sci-fi show premieres on FOX, I immediately get wary, and might even avoid it, since they tend to cancel them so quickly. Quick, name a sci-fi show on FOX that has lasted more than two seasons in the last few years. Right now Fringe and Dollhouse are getting their second try, but Dollhouse already looks to be in trouble. Damn it.

But the new V is on ABC, so everything's OK, right? Well, that remains to be seen. Lost has been around a while, but what else in the genre has ever made it for very long? I have hopes for FlashForward, and hopefully that one will catch on. But V is the one I'm anxious for. I absolutely loved the original, and its sequel, V: The Final Battle on NBC back in the 80s (the subsequent short-lived series, not so much). Done right, this show could be mind blowing.

So what are they doing? Waiting until November to start the show for one. And secondly, they're only going to air four episodes, and then take it off the air until the Olympics are over. Great. That'll work. Well, maybe it could work, if the show is really awesome, and ABC is smart enough to be very clear that the first four episodes are an "event" leading up to a full-fledged series this winter. Or something. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


ABC to break up 'V' debut; first four episodes air in November

An ABC spokeswoman confirmed exclusively to EW that V, the network’s much anticipated reboot of the old NBC miniseries, will air for a limited, four-episode run in November and then return to the schedule after the Olympics in March. . .

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