Friday, September 18, 2009

You Don't Have to be a Czar, Baby. . .

I don't really have any position on "czars." I find it to be a puzzling moniker for a sub-cabinet department head, what with it's imperialist Russian connotation, but whatever. I remember (latter day saint) Ronald Reagan having a czar or two, Bill Clinton too. And not surprisingly, George W. Bush enlarged the number of czars beyond his predecessor.

By now, a precedent has been set. Presidents are in the habit of continuing previous Presidents' conventions, and it is not unusual for them to expand them. So, the practice of naming czars for this and that has continued into the Obama Administration. As is now usual though, right-wing world has found themselves in an uproar over President Obama's "unprecedented"--and un-Constitutional, they argue--use of czars. It really doesn't matter that Dubya did it too, IOKIYAR. Especially if you are Glenn Beck.

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