Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jesus on Mars!

Image from source, Telegraph

How did I miss this one? Jesus on Mars? OK, you really have to squint to see it, and even then? Naahhh. I've featured many Jesus and/or Mary on--well many things--and I always come around to the same question: how the hell are we supposed to know what either one of them looked like? All we have to go on are the extremely Anglicized, idealized images of Renaissance painters, right? For all we know, this is Frank Zappa. That I might believe.


Has Jesus Christ been spotted on Mars?

Now the surface of the planet Mars can be added to this list.

If looked at from the right angle – and with disbelief suspended – this photo released by Nasa can appear to show the face and robed body of Christ. . .

Read more at: Telegraph

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