Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut: The Real ACORN Story

You know, when a story is being beaten like a dead horse by right-wing talk radio and FOX "News", my antennae go up. "There must be more to this story," I think to myself. More often than not, I'm correct in that assumption. Because as often as the media likes to present "two sides to every story" as though they are always equal, it isn't always true. And when the right-wing media is focused like a laser on something like they are on ACORN, there is usually a huge amount of misinformation.

I won't say that left-wing media is pure as the driven snow, or that they don't over-emphasize the importance of things on occasion. But they don't as a rule completely skew a story, using blatant falsehoods. If they do, the stories don't hold water for very long. But if it's FOX "News" or Glenn Beck? Even discredited, thoroughly debunked claims continue to be repeated and believed. It is maddening. So after months of ACORN-bashing (a subject where I really have no dog in the fight), it is refreshing to see The Rachel Maddow Show shining a little light on the story. And it turns out I was right. Most of the crap being troweled on to ACORN is just that, crap. Take a look-see, won't you?

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