Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres Responds to JCPenney Boycott

Yes, America, this is apparently the face of evil.
I want people reading this to just back up a second and take this in. There is a group of busybodies called One Million Moms (sounds huge, and heartwarming, don't it?), and they are upset at JCPenney for their choice of spokesperson. You'd imagine that it would have to be some awfully controversial figure, like Howard Stern or maybe Madonna; even Lady Gaga. No, Penney's celebrity spokesperson is Ellen DeGeneres. One of the most beloved national talk show hosts ever to grace the daytime screen, a close second to Oprah. Why? Because she's gay.

Because she's gay? Really? Since when is that a crime? This isn't the 1950s, where people didn't even know that "gay" meant anything other than happy. It's not the 1960s or 70s when the sexual revolution had tight asses in a twist. It's not the Reagan 80s, when AIDS threw that revolution into a skid.  The 90s, 00s and now the 10s have seen gays gain more and more acceptance with those under retirement age. And when the Tea Party formed (you know, totally not be cause a black guy took the White House), there was a lot of talk about how social issues were dead. No more gay baiting. No more wedge issues. Hah!

So, 43 years after Stonewall, we still find huge groups of politically respected groups and (cough!) Presidential candidates who think it is acceptable to verbally gay bash. To try to get a woman fired for the non-crime of being gay. Unbelievable.


  1. I'm so cynical that I suspect this "One Million Moms" organization is a false flag operation started by JCPenney. It is a ridiculous boycott, promoted by a group no one has heard of, ridiculed by even Bill O'Reilly, and it has generated a lot of free PR at a time when JCP is trying to re-brand itself and capture a hipper clientele.

  2. Didn't gay groups in California call for boycotts of businesses that supported prop 8? What's the difference? Both groups want to harm someone.

  3. Jill, I don't think so. One Million Moms is a front group for one of those Christian organizations with "Family" in its title. They're super, super anti-gay.

    Dan, I think what they're fighting agaist is very different. People protesting the Prop 8 vote were rightly angry because they had their rights voted away. And the vote was won by having many out-of-state donors, organized by LDS and Catholics. Harm was done to them.

    What did Ellen do? What did Penney's do? No harm has been done to anybody. One Million Moms doesn't like "the gay", and they're making a fuss. I don't see the similarity.


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