Friday, February 3, 2012

The Truthiness of Mitt Romney

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It's generally accepted by we lowly citizens that politicians fudge the facts and skew the truth. The heads of the parties spin the story of the week. After a big political event, the press sit for interviews in what is actually called the "spin room".  Usually, only the most hyperbolic throw the word lie around, and when they do it, they are often lying. But it is lying. Even the ones on our own "team" do it, and we shrug and say, "that's politics." It's a sad reality of life. It's just a matter of degrees, I suppose.

Now, few people would say that Newt Gingrich never lies. He's famous for it. But what about that handsome Mormon fellow, Willard "Mitt" Romney? Surely he's not a serial liar like the rest, right? Well. . .


Chronicling Mitt's mendacity

Several weeks ago, I launched a Friday afternoon feature, highlighting the most offensive Mitt Romney falsehoods of the week. I was off last week, but let's get it started again.
1. Romney claimed President Obama "went before the United Nations" and "said nothing about thousands of rockets being rained in on Israel from the Gaza Strip.
True or false? The claim isn't even close to being right. . ."
Read much, much more at: The Maddow Blog

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  1. Well, we may have our first Pinocchio presidential election- Romney vs Obama. The one with the biggest nose in November loses.
    Either way, we are screwed.


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