Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama: Opponents are ‘Rooting for Bad News’ on Gas Prices

No kidding. Could we please get some real discussion on this subject now? "Drill, baby, drill" isn't just overly simplistic, it's stupid. More oil is being drilled and refined under President Obama than under Bush. When is right-wing world going to realize that if we pipe oil sands from Canada to Texas that the oil doesn't magically become "ours?" That oil prices aren't controlled by the United States? That if we drill, baby, drill, we're not going to move the price of gasoline?


Obama: Opponents are ‘rooting for bad news’ on gas prices

President Obama said Thursday that there are no “quick fixes” for rising gasoline prices that are threatening the economic recovery and providing fodder for attacks from his political rivals.
Gas prices have risen 29 cents per gallon since December, with regular-grade gas now averaging $3.64 a gallon in the Washington region at a time of year when consumers usually enjoy a respite from price hikes. . .

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