Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Every Sperm is Sacred Amendment Introduced in "Personhood" Bill

I'm going to say this without equivocation. "Personhood" bills are stupid. I understand that abortion is a contentious issue. I don't quite understand why it fires people up quite so intensely, but I'm pretty sure that the so-called "pro-life" side of the issue is somewhat delusional.

And that's not to pick on them, at least not exclusively. Right-wing world is a fairly delusional place in many areas, some of which have nothing to do with abortion. For example, the right has invented a version of President Obama that bears no resemblance to the real guy. I think they're going to be surprised when Mitt Romney has to run against the genuine article. I digress, back to abortion. The right seems to think that liberals just lo-o-o-ve abortion. They think we get all giddy, and dance a happy dance every time Planned Parenthood's cash register dings. Yeah, not so much.
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Nobody loves abortion. Everyone wants it to happen less. Nobody loves partial-birth abortion, and there isn't any sane person I've heard who'd want it available except in very extreme circumstances. This really isn't my issue, so I'm not sure where the line between fetus and baby is. Fortunately, it isn't up to me, and I'll never be in a situation where I have to ponder it very hard. But I know an acorn isn't an oak tree, and I know that a "baby" doesn't exist in the first several days. But in their zeal to end all abortion, and define the joining of egg and sperm as a full-fledged baby, the pro-lifers have gone off the deep end.

With these "Personhood" bills, the right is going several steps too far. And people aren't going for it. They've been a dismal failure, even in red states. But they keep trying. More people need to know that these laws effectively outlaws many types of birth control isn't by accident. It's by design. The anti-abortion crowd has a huge contingent that wants to end contraception by law. No joke.

So, how do you battle this kind of insanity, and manage to inject some humor? Monty Python, naturally.


Dem state senator adds ‘Every sperm is sacred’ clause to ‘personhood’ bill

A pro-choice Democratic legislator has taken a novel approach to fighting an Oklahoma “personhood” bill. According to the blog Jezebel, State Senator Constance Johnson of Oklahoma City has introduced a measure that calls to mind the famous Monty Python “Every Sperm is Sacred” sketch from the 1983 film “The Meaning of Life. . .”

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