Friday, February 3, 2012

Major Romney Bundler is Agent of a Foreign Government

Image from source, Think Progress
Here is the fatal flaw in the Citizens United Supreme Court decisions to equate money with speech, and corporations with people. Foreign interests can influence a vote, essentially. I heard a defender of the Citizens United case on the radio today, saying that "Americans aren't so stupid" that they could be overly influenced by saturation advertising. Really? I wouldn't call them stupid (necessarily), but if this advertising weren't effective, what would be the point of buying it?

  • Corporations are not people. The individual people in a corporation already have a voice and a vote. They shouldn't be able to collectively have another voice. 
  • Money isn't speech. If it is, the person with the most money gets the most speech. Does that sound like the American way to you? Biggest pocketbook wins?
  • Foreign interests and non-citizens shouldn't get a vote, and shouldn't be able to financially support advertising for candidates, or candidates themselves. Certainly, not without complete transparency.

Do any of those points above sound liberal to you? They sound like common sense, and I can't quite understand how a conservative could refute them.


EXCLUSIVE: Major Romney Bundler Is Agent Of Foreign Government 

Ignacio E. Sanchez is a lobbyist at DLA Piper, an influential global law firm and a major bundler for the Mitt Romney campaign. A ThinkProgress review of public records reveals Sanchez is also a registered foreign agent representing the interests of the United Arab Emirates and a former president of the Dominican Republic. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

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