Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOP Debate Bores This Blogger

Image from source, Washignton Post
Well, I've fallen down as a blogger. I came home from work Wednesday night with the goal of watching the most recent GOP debate. And I did, sort of. I parked myself in front of the big TV, with my Mac on my lap, logged in to Twitter. But I couldn't bear to pay much attention to the TV. No, I was reading the fantastic and funny tweets by the comedians, pundits and other smart people I follow. The television droned, and I was eventually run out of the TV room by The Other Half, banished to my office.

I picked it up there, both on TV and Twitter. But the problem didn't get better. These are four odious men, none of whom I'd trust to watch my cat, let alone the country. The pandering was cringe worthy. The crowd would applaud any red meat thrown to them; they'd boo anything they found remotely negative toward conservatives. The whole thing was just distasteful. I'm having a very, very hard time figuring out what Republicans see an any of them.


Mitt Romney attacks put Rick Santorum on defensive in GOP presidential debate

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was thrown on the defensive here Wednesday night as rival Mitt Romney attacked the former senator over spending and earmarks and accused him of compiling an inconsistent and contradictory record. . .

Read more at: Washington Post

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