Friday, February 10, 2012

Picture of the Day: Kirk Cameron & Joe The Plumber at CPAC

Cameron's prayer to be hidden in shadow was apparently successful.
I kind of feel bad for the attendees of this year's CPAC (and by the way, doesn't it seem like CPAC happens two or three times a year?). They've got a man they imagine to be a demon in the White House, and yet they can't get excited about any of their candidates. I mean, if somebody told you six months ago that Rick (don't Google me) Santorum would be the front runner for the GOP nomination?

I have heard a few nasty things about this year's convention, and I might get to those later. But this picture just sort of encapsulates the sad state of affairs in Right-Wing World right now. Kirk Cameron, late of the dreadful film series (based on the even worse book series), Left Behind, and Samuel "Joe the (not really) Plumber" Wurtzelbacher. Cameron has taken being a publicly apocalyptic Christian to ridiculous lengths, and Joe? Well, Joe just seems to hang around conservative events and people. I never would have dreamed when I first covered that character 3½ years ago on this blog, that he'd still turn up. Anyway, there you have it. A washed up church fart actor, and a nobody non-plumber: GOP super stars!

Source: Wonkette

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