Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is Glenn Beck Calling for Death of the President?

Too bad you're crazy, too bad you're loony as hell...
Image from NewsCorpse.
Ooh, that sounds dire, doesn't it? And you're all like, "Glenn Beck? Sure he's crazy, but didn't he retire?" Sort of, he kinda went underground. And he's an interesting kind of nut, really. He sees conspiracies and coded messages everywhere. But usually, Beck doesn't code his messages. His bowl of nuts is right out in the open. Still, he can sometimes work in some subtlety.  I'm just not sure if he's doing it on purpose, or if his id is seeping out.

This is from a fantastic site called NewsCorpse. It's mostly focused on FOX "News," and its spinoffs and offshoots, and the site owner's observations are needle sharp. Not to mention the fact that his graphics make mine look like your five-year-old nephew's doodles. Anyway, read on. . .


Glenn Beck Celebrates The Death Of A President

. . .So let me get this straight. Beck thinks that Woodrow Wilson is an evil S.O.B. whose death is cause for celebration. And Barack Obama is doing the same things for which Beck hates Wilson. The clear message that Beck is sending to his rabid disciples is that Obama’s death would also be a cause for celebration. That’s the level of hostility that Beck projects almost every day. Let’s just hope that none of his followers are motivated by this disgusting rhetoric to attempt to impress Beck by carrying out his fantasy. . .

Read more at: NewsCorpse

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