Monday, February 20, 2012

What if Your Boss Forgot You?

Sooo. . .I went to work today. Unlocked the shop, turned the alarm off and the lights on. I clocked in as usual, and made a pot of coffee. Went upstairs, opened blinds, turned on computers and fired up my programs. I went through 285 emails, and 125 spams (you have to check them). I sorted the mail, and the faxes. And then I realized. . .I'm the only one here! It was about 8:30, so it isn't unprecedented. If there is a crash on the freeway, two of the people could be late. The two bosses are often either otherwise occupied in the morning, or just late arrivals. As the minutes ticked by, however, it became odd. So, I called one boss, and the call went straight to voicemail. I called the other boss--same thing. I called her at home, and whattaya know? We're off today!!! Surprise!!!

So, I'm home. Without pay. But, I got in two hours I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and I'm up and at them earlier than I would be if I knew today was a day off. If I'd known, I'd surely still be in my pjs, sipping coffee. Now, what do I do with my day?


  1. Should be a government employee who got the day off!
    Well, I bet that did suck. So, what did you do to celebrate President's Day and George Bush?

  2. I thought on President's Day, the thing was to buy a mattress or some sheets and towels at JCPenney? But I didn't do that either. We did some house cleaning and then entertained Andy's neice. So it was nice to have some time to do that without rushing around.


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