Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gay Marriage Bill Clears Hurdle in Washington State

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Funny that I have to differentiate "Washington State" from "Washington, DC," since DC already has legal same-sex marriage. It's an uphill battle, and even our victories are being undone (or trying to be undone) by the the rabid, busy-body, doesn't-know-their-own-business far-right wing. But I think even the frothiest, most gay-hating fundamentalist wacko knows that they are fighting a losing battle. They may win this one (though, truth be told, it is looking good for our side), and the next and a few after that.

Or, they may lose this one. Or start to lose one here and there. But they will lose. Eventually, they will lose. One day--hopefully in my lifetime, but who knows--same-sex marriage rights will be nation-wide, and largely unquestioned. The Catholic Church, the Mormons and Evangelical Christians will still exist, and will be no worse off for it (other than scrinching up their noses at gay weddings). That's the kicker. If same-sex marriage were legal nationwide tomorrow, the only change to their world will be that something they think is icky would be legal. BFD. Get over it.


Bill to Legalize Gay Marriage Clears Major Hurdle in Washington State

The Washington state Senate voted 28 in favor (including four Republicans) to 21 against late Wednesday evening to pass a bill legalizing gay marriage. The bill now goes to the House, where it's expected to pass, and Governor Chris Gregoire has already said she will sign it. So basically, the hard part is over and gay and lesbian couples will be able to get married by June unless crabby homophobes can muster around 120,000 signatures before that time to force a referendum. . .

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