Saturday, February 4, 2012

Michele Bachmann Endorsing Mitt Romney?

Okay, this may be meaningless, a hoax, or less than that. I'm following the GOP primaries with some interest, but not with a microscope. I don't know or remember if Michele Bachmann has indicated who she's supporting already, if she's changed her mind, if this means anything. But I just found it odd.

Apparently, at some point in the past, I followed Michele Bachmann on Twitter. I don't remember doing it. And at that point, she--assuming this is even the real Crazy Eyes, and not an imposter--had never tweeted. But while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I noted that she'd made her very first tweet, "I'm going to endorse Mitt Romney.", which at this point was "19 minutes ago." It seems like a goof, not an official announcement. So, if it's real, I wonder if she thought it was private? I dunno. But here you go.

Screen capture of (maybe?) the real Michele Bachmann Twitter feed.  Captured a few minutes
after I first noted it. Click to embiggen.
UPDATE: So, feeling this was odd, particularly with the low number of followers, I searched for MB and found her real--or at least her official--Twitter page. It looks darned near identical, but the numbers make more sense.

Yes, 128,956 damaged souls follow Bachmann. I just added one more.
But look at those numbers. Bachmann follows 17,603 different users? That would make Twitter almost unusable, insofar as I use it. Too many. Get Marcus to come in and clean house, lady! But this is still quite odd. A duplicate site, with one tweet right as I was scrolling. Very strange.

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