Thursday, February 16, 2012

Response to Open Letter by RightPride, Nevada's GOProud Chapter

I offer this sexy picture as a peace offering to the hopelessly deluded
gay Republicans. I'm kidding. I'm not. You decide.
Have you ever known a gay Republican? I've known a few. In fact, I have a friendly couple of ours who are decidedly right-of-center. Fiscally conservative, they'll say. Nobody really falls for that far-right, socially conservative crap. That's for the rubes. Except it isn't. Particularly right now.

There was a little hope in the early days of the "Tea Party," the "spontaneous" reaction to President Barack Obama (immediately after, and not because he's black, surely not). Yep, the Tea Party was taxed enough already, even though Obama promised no new taxes but for the rich. It was all about money, no sex, no religion. Until it was. All the sudden, everything was about gay marriage, and abortion and birth control. WTF, over? This crap was supposed to be settled!

So, what do you do if you are a gay, conservative group? Especially if you are a gay, but divorced from the more moderate Log Cabin Republicans? GOProud, the little-g gay, big-C Conservative group is in something of a pickle. Most gays abhor them, but then so do most conservatives! They're so bullied, there should be an "It Gets Better" movement, just for them.

But it's ridiculous, and does not deserve its own martyrdom. Gay conservatives are like individualist communists.  They are an anachronistic contradiction. They should not exist. Maybe--like the bumble bee--if their inherent impossibility were explained to them, they would cease to exist?

Anyway, read this, and tell me if YOU get anything out of it. . .


Open Letter to Readers of QVegas, Las Vegas Night Beat and Las Vegas Gay Community

. . .This month, a list of primary election endorsements appears on, a joint effort of Rob Schlegel, QVegas and Las Vegas Night Beat. These endorsements are also published in the current issue of both aforementioned publications. Under the guise of helping “the LGBT community be better informed about candidates,” Rob Schlegel and his cohorts have gone out of their way to continue the long history of spiteful partisanship by the so-called leaders in our community. Schlegel endorses in 47 of the 67 races he lists, backing 50 Democrats and 8 Republicans. He even used three of the eight Republican endorsements to take petty swipes at the candidates, and ripped another half-dozen GOP candidates just for fun. . .

Read more (if you can take it) at: GOProud

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