Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood Steals the Show, RNC Day #3

"Get off my lawn!" Image from Salon.
As it was for the first two days, I watched the Republican National Convention (and participated, via Twitter) with a sinus headache. To be sure, this did nothing to help my sour feeling of this sorry spectacle. I mused, earlier in the day, about what glitch I'd like to see occur. Maybe Rubio would go off script, and disavow Romney? Maybe the RNC would go with the reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan after all? Maybe Mitt would just draw a blank and run crying from the stage? Maybe the balloon drop wouldn't go as planned? The last part sort of happened, but that wasn't what threw a wrench into the works.

Clint Eastwood was leaked as the "surprise guest" already, so that wasn't unexpected. It was Eastwood's embarrassing, rambling, disjointed (and oh-so-many other negative adjectives) performance that will forever go down as the main story of the 2012 RNC. Whatever message Romney/Ryan was hoping to float is going to be squashed by the wacky old guy yelling at an invisible Obama. As I watched, I was reminded of Rick Perry's grasping in vain for the three departments he would cut. I flashed on New Years Rockin' Eve, when they used to wheel out Dick Clark (after the stroke). It was hard to watch. Oh, but watch it we will, again and again. Guaranteed.


Clint Eastwood steals the RNC

When it leaked earlier today that Clint Eastwood would be the “surprise” guest at the Republican National Convention, it seemed predictable that a bunch of white people in patriotic hats would shortly be chanting “Make my day” on national television.  This cacophonous “Make my day” did, in fact, come to pass, but only after the 82-year old Eastwood babbled, went blue, and inadvertently insulted Mitt Romney, the guy he was allegedly there to support. . .

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  1. I hope your sinus headache finally went away. Have you ever tried using a neti pot? They are unpleasant (even disgusting) to use, but highly effective, particularly for those who suffer from chronic sinus problems. Just be sure to use sterile water, since there are water-borne parasites that can survive in tap water and should never be snorted.

  2. Thanks, Jill, yes I've tried a neti pot in the past. Not this time, I might give it a whirl. But my sinus headaches are almost always above my left eye, so I'm not sure it will really "get all up in there." I went through this last year, and it lasted about 9 days. So, hopefully I'm getting toward the end of it.


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