Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Right Wing World: Paul Ryan is Controversial? Really?

This clip from Monday's The Rachel Maddow Show brings up a point that I hadn't really considered: In Right-wing World, Paul Ryan isn't controversial. At all. In the FOX "News", talk-radio, FreeRepublic.com, Red State world in which a whole bunch of the conservative base spend most of their time, Ryan is a rock star, a super hero. But this isn't Right-wing World, and it isn't the primaries anymore. Ryan has to prove himself on the stage in front of everybody, which may be alarming, for right-wing voters, Mitt Romney and for Ryan himself.

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  1. You might be surprised but I am not thrilled about Paul Ryan's selection- Rubio would have better. Ryan really isn't a conservative spender- he has voted for some big ticket items that conservatives do not like.

  2. And it might surprise you to know that Joe Biden--though I like him in general--has always been a head scratching choice for me too! :)


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