Thursday, August 16, 2012

Soledad O'Brien Schools John Sununu

I'm getting tired of political ads and pundits who repeat known falsehoods and debunked "facts." I don't care who's doing it, it ticks me off. But it seems to be the Romney campaign's modus operandi.  So, it's nice when a high profile-reporter calls out a high-profile campaign surrogate, and Soledad O'Brien did a great job. More puzzling than the now standard lie-pushing though, is why John Sununu is any kind of reliable source, with his history. With people like him and Karl Rove (and anyone who turns up from the Bush Administration), it makes you wonder who couldn't stage a comeback. Can John Edwards and Anthony Wiener come out of the penalty box? Or is it only okay if you're a Republican?

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  1. I love how Soledad has been trolling these politicos using nothing but tried and true facts. And somehow they still push their talking points as if repetition equates with truth. It is this very mind set that has caused me to stop watching political ads from both sides. I shouldn’t have to fact check every thing I see or hear. I am usually working at DISH in the evenings when those ads air but I would still have to sit through them when watching recordings from my old DVR. That recently changed when I got a Hopper. I haven’t seen a single political commercial (or any commercial) since I upgraded and started watching my Primetime Anytime recordings with Auto Hop enabled.


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