Friday, August 10, 2012

Romney Campaign Continues to Distort

Image from ThinkProgress
This is getting ridiculous. Are they seriously going to carry this campaign through to November with a series of ads that take their potential voters for fools? I mean I know there is a subset of the American public that is eager to believe any and every negative thing they hear about President Obama. But not everyone has Obama Derangement Syndrome, and not everyone is willing to be spoon-fed distortion and lies. Or at least I hope so.


New Romney Campaign Distortion: Falsely Claims Obama ‘Promised Today To Bail Out Every Industry’

The Romney campaign, which has apparently exhausted the selectively edited clip of President Obama saying “you didn’t build that,” has seized on a new soundbite to distort. The campaign sent an email blast Thursday afternoon featuring a video of an Obama rally in Colorado from earlier that day and falsely claimed that he wants the government to bail out every industry. “I Want To Do The Same Thing With Manufacturing Jobs … In Every Industry,” it read. . .

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