Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo of the Day: My Kind of Chick-fil-A Protest

I'm hopeful that the anti-Chick-fil-A Day doesn't result in any kind of pandemonium. I'm pretty sure that since homophobes can be counted on to turn out in larger numbers than actual gay people, that it will be more regional, and not as big a spectacle. If it's a smattering of kissing gay people, it will be a curiosity at worst, and the anti-gay folks can claim that they drew more people, and that will be that. But if it turns into something approaching the size of Wednesday's astonishing show of hatred? I fear for the people that turn out.

Why? Because this picture--which I find adorably cute and sweet--has been spreading on Facebook, and even though it is fairly benign, has been garnering the worst kind of response. Ignorant, nasty, ridiculous responses. It's getting good responses too, but a surprising amount of hatred. What will people do in the presence of actual boys kissing? The girls will be fine.

Source: Gay Marriage USA on Facebook


  1. My take is that the people who are condemning Cbhic Fill A are as intolerant as the owner of the company and the politicians who say they will not accept Chic Fill A in their towns are fascists. Tell me I am wrong.

  2. See how hard that company's name is to type? :)

    And no, I don't think it's the same. The corporation has been anti-gay for a long time, giving millions to certified hate groups. This just brought it into the light. I have no problem with elected officials denying permits to companies that promote hatred. Sorry, Dan.

  3. Very cute picture! It's time to stop giving the excuse that being against gay marriage is just simply a "disagreement" or a "different belief." If you think about it, Hitler had a "different belief" also, right? There's a line between different beliefs and bigotry.

  4. Well, Nazi comparisons don't often do well in an argument. But I agree that being against same-sex marriage is usually a form of bigotry. When pressed, advocates for "protecting marriage" (the stupid, it burns) have a very difficult time rationalizing themselves, relying on religion, or vagueness. Bigotry based on religion is still bigotry!


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