Friday, August 10, 2012

The Rude Pundit Assesses Mitt Romney's Chances

The Rude Pundit, Lee Papa.
I am far too skittish when it comes to politics to count my chickens before they're hatched. Even given the large margin by which President Obama beat John McCain in 2008, I was still on pins and needles. I think I'm primed for defeat, given 2000, 2004, 2010 and all of the lost marriage equality votes. Also, while I think that Mitt Romney is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad candidate, I also know that Right-Wing World hates Obama. To the level of delusion. There's a reason they call it Obama Derangement Syndrome. They've actually invented a "Barack Hussein Obama" who bears little resemblance to the genuine article.

It's actually kind of amazing that we're where we are. Though I don't blame the state of the union on the President, I certainly can see how people could. It would be an ideal year for a party switch, historically. So, how did Republicans end up with Romney? He was literally the best they could do. Remember the clown show that was the primary fight? There is nobody on deck. Even the potential VP picks are spectacularly underwhelming or of limited appeal. Still, I'm gonna be sweating it until November, I just know me. Oh, to have the confidence (and wit) of The Rude Pundit.


The Real Reason Mitt Romney Is Losing and Will Lose

". . .As people begin to write pre-mortem postmortems of Mitt Romney's campaign, you're going to see many question why and how, how in the world, indeed, could a candidate of Romney's vintage be losing. There will be conservatives who are smug about Romney having never been a true crazy right-winger. There will be conservatives who try to throw him a life preserver, like bald demon Reihad Salam at CNN, whose "Why Mitt Romney Is Losing" editorial is full of floaties. For instance, Salam posits a fantasy Romney, one who actually comes up with plans to, say, regulate banks once the weak Dodd-Frank bill is burned by some fantasy Congress. On the left, Charles Blow in the New York Times says of the one-term governor's strategy of just plain, f*cking lying about what Barack Obama is doing, "Romney has to find a line of attack that works because there is a creeping feeling beginning to overtake part of the electorate that his candidacy is in trouble. The problem is that these sorts of desperate, baseless attacks only amplify the sense of panic. . ."

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