Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama & Dems to Hitler

Eh. Should I really report on anything that Rush Limbaugh said or did? At this point, is there anything the man wouldn't stoop to? Well, this time it particularly stupid, because he's accusing President Obama and the Democrats of abusing propaganda. Does the man remember the George W. Bush years? Do the names Dick Cheney and Karl Rove ring a bell? Those people specialized in running an alternate reality machine, and in fact bragged about creating their own reality. Bush himself said that sometimes you have to "catapult the propaganda!"

But what Rush should really learn is, that once you've invoked Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, you've lost the argument.*


Limbaugh: Like Hitler, Obama And Democrats Are More Concerned With Propaganda Than Truth

Limbaugh: Propaganda versus truth -- which wins? Well, what did -- what was Hitler more concerned with? Propaganda. Did Hitler succeed for a time? Yeah, he did. What was Clinton more concerned with -- truth or propaganda? What's Obama more concerned with -- truth or propaganda? Who would you say is winning? Is propaganda winning or truth winning? We, the virtuous ones in our society -- we think truth wins. We have this investment in the truth. We think it's holy. We think that it is profound, and we think it's persuasive. . .

Source: Media Matters

*An exception to the "Nazi = Fail" rule is when it is exceedingly clever, and loaded with dark humor. Think Springtime for Hitler from Mel Brooks' The Producers. Or, this scathingly funny song, actually "sung" by Mr. Limbaugh.

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