Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Three-way Love Affair: Sean Hannity, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

I don't know why I found this clip so amusing, but it really had me grinning. Lawrence O'Donnell is really fun for me when he is just skewering a blowhard like Sean Hannity, and doing it in a way that would totally skeeve them out and piss them off. Plus, I happened to tune in to Hannity on Tuesday night, and catch the first part of his fellating interview of Paul Ryan. No, I haven't gone insane, it was just that Stephanie Miller was supposed to be on his show, and she hyped it on her show. Turns out she was bumped to Wednesday, and I watched that drivel for nothing.

Except, it became obvious that Hannity, Ryan (and by extension, Mitt Romney) absolutely deserved Lawrence's skewering. And he looks like he's having so much fun doing it!

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