Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama Sticking With Biden, Despite McCain/Palin's Wishes

I never really understood the choice of Joe Biden for Vice President in 2008. I like him, and I've heard him speak--along with all of the other candidates that year--but he does have that little problem with gaffes. I don't think he's stupid, far from it, I just think his brain gets ahead of his mouth. It's not like George W. Bush, whose problem was kind of the opposite, not having enough brain to power the mouth. No, Joe knows what he's talking about, but it sometimes comes out wrong. And President knew all of that before he picked the guy.

As Vice Presidents go, he's been fine. I mean, he hasn't shot anyone in the face, or walked around without a heartbeat. But he's certainly not the main attraction on the ticket. I'd vote for just Joe, if he was up against any of the GOP options we've seen this year. But people have been speculating for a while, about wouldn't it be cool if Obama tapped Hillary Clinton for the veep spot? But how could that be accomplished gracefully? Could they switch jobs? Could it work? Think of the power of an Obama/Clinton ticket! The subject has been burbling for months, maybe years, in the blogosphere.

Well, this week, the losing team of McCain/Palin each floated the idea as if it was their own. The right-wing blogosphere response to their idea vacillated between "oh shit, game over man!" to "Sarah's so smart, she headed them off at the pass! They couldn't say they took her idea!" I'd go with the former, rather than the latter. Barring an unforeseen circumstance, I think Obama/Clinton would trounce Romney/Ryan. And the "it was Sarah's idea" meme would be short-lived if it even managed to break through in the media whirlwind that would ensue.

It's a nice fantasy. I was torn between Obama and Clinton in their run, and only soured on Clinton during the latter days of their primaries. As Secretary of State, she's really piled up the gravitas. I think they'd be a dream team. But--unless Hillary is dead set against it--it is a card they could play later if necessary. Doubtful, but a fun thought.


White House To John McCain: Thanks But No Thanks On VP Advice 

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has a response to the vice presidential advice Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) offered President Barack Obama: Thanks, but no thanks. . .

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