Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is Ann Coulter for Real?

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I am not asking if Ann Coulter is a real woman, or indeed a real human being, though those are good questions. No, I mean is she really concerned about the topics she covers? I always assumed she was kind of a performance artist, plying her schtick on FOX "News" and at conservative events to rake in some bucks. I never for a moment took her seriously, or honestly thought she expected me to. My favorite theory was posited by Janeane Garofalo, who suspects that Coulter is really Andy Kaufman.

But Coulter was really losing her shit on Hannity recently, implying that she actually gives a damn about the crap she spreads! I'm kind of surprised. As well as amused at the state she's found herself in, and that she's displaying it to Sean Hannity, the ultimate stooge-just-doin'-it-for-a-paycheck.


Ann Coulter Melts Down on Hannity's Show Over RomneyCare

Ann Coulter is angry. She's so angry even Sean Hannity is ducking for cover. She's so angry she doesn't care who knows she's angry, he doesn't care how loud she gets, and she doesn't care that she looks like a shrieking harpy in this segment, because as angry as Erick Erickson was, as completely flummoxed as Rush Limbaugh was, nothing compares to Ann Coulter in high dudgeon. . .

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