Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vista Cruisers, as Far as the Eyes Can See!

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I found this peculiar. I walk about four miles a night most days of the week, and when I do, I usually pass a community that has miniscule parking within its walls. So, many of the people who live there have to park on the side street that just happens to span the distance between two nearby parks. It isn't unusual to see an assortment of odd vehicles, probably because so many of the houses are rentals, just a few steps above vagabond.

There was an odd day when the street was lined with various iterations of the Nissan Altima, from the very first model to the most recent. On another day, it was Fords spanning from a late 80s Taurus, to a 90s Contour to a early 2000s Mustang. Usually, there is a sprinkling of odd and creepy box trucks and panel vans. But today was the weirdest day yet!

Parked one behind another (and darn it, I didn't get a photo of both together) was an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon, mid-late 70s vintage, and another creepy RV, this one also called a Vista Cruiser! I mean really, what are the odds? Okay, I thought it was weird.

Of course, the most famous Vista Cruiser was the '69 model driven by Eric (Topher Grace) Forman on That 70s Show.

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