Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney to Announce VP Pick on Saturday?

The Budget Munster? Really? Image from Politico.
The only advantage I see to Mitt Romney announcing his pick on a Saturday is that it will instantly be the #1 topic on all the Sunday political shows. And sure, it'll rule the early part of the week's news cycle. But you know what else it does? Gives opposition research time to happen in full-force by Monday, when ordinary (read: not that interested in politics) people finally notice. Obviously, I don't know all the angles, but I just question the timing a bit.

And they're saying it might be Paul Ryan? Really? So, for weeks, "insiders" have been saying that Romney's going to go safe and boring. No "Palin" this time, they all said. Well, if it's Ryan, they've got their Palin. Oh, he's not stupid and inarticulate, but he's extremely polarizing. His "Ryan Budget" doesn't hold water, except in Right-Wing World. The only advantage I can see is that he's got a rockin' bod. Is that what Republicans are going for these days?


'All signs point to Ryan' with Romney to name VP pick today

Mitt Romney will announce his vice presidential pick tomorrow morning in Norfolk, Va. and there are strong signs that he’ll tap 42-year-old House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to be his running mate.
A source deeply involved in the vetting process said “the obvious clue is in the Romney press release” — alluding to Romney’s event taking place at the USS Wisconsin. . .

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