Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOP Senate Candidates Can't Shut Up About Rape

Image from source, Wonkette
Seriously, WTF you guys? If you know you have ridiculous, douchey, inappropriate and insensitive ideas about something, why do you keep talking about it? We know that you think sex for pleasure is always wrong, sex within marriage is for procreation only, rape is only sometimes "rape," and that a sperm cell that has just penetrated an egg (or maybe is about to) is the same thing as a fully-formed human being. But every time you talk about it, it shines a spotlight on all of those ludicrous ideas.  But look who I'm talking to! These guys also seem to think they're fooling us with their comb-overs.


Yet Another GOP Senate Candidate Says Something About Rape

New Rule of Politics: If you’re a Republican running for Senate, just never talk about sex or anything related to it. You will do better pretending storks bring babies to worthy parents and/or welfare applicants. . .

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