Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obama Retains Lead; No Ryan Bounce?

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Well, I wonder how this is going down at Romney headquarters? Was the roll-out of Paul Ryan just botched? There was a trickle-out late on a Friday night, followed by an awkward announcement on Saturday morning (on a battleship? why?) on the closing day of the Olympics. Then, they seemed to have not prepared how to deal with very obvious questions about Medicare, Social Security, abortion and more. Romney seems no more human, and Ryan has been deemed the most extreme VP candidate anyone can remember.

And yet, Ryan was supposed to be the "game changer" for Romney, and a similar--but better!--way than was Sarah Palin. But Palin brought a bounce. . .a big bounce. We're still hearing ricochets. Ryan is just as much a tea bagger as Sarah, and with brains and actual (swoon) muscle. And now, Ryan is hopelessly tied to Todd Akin, "legitimate rape" dude. It would be sad, except that well, you know. I don't want them to win, so. . .


NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama Holds On To Lead; No Ryan Bounce

Paul Ryan’s debut on the national stage has attracted big crowds and plenty of fawning from Republican leaders. But a new national poll shows his presence on the national Republican ticket hasn’t done much to boost Mitt Romney’s campaign. . .

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  1. Who cares about national polls? In Wisconsin, the Ryan pick has put Romney out in front by about 7 points and Wisconsin has been a pretty blue state for the past several presidential elections.


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