Thursday, July 25, 2013

Work Question: Will Gerber Omega Composer Work with Windows 8?

UPDATE: I finally went ahead and got that new Windows 8 computer, as I've noted in previous posts. And I have to report, so far things are working just fine. Gerber Omega Composer installed just fine. My Gerber fonts moved over just fine. The program opens faster than I've ever seen it open. The only glitch I've seen so far is that the little purple USB fob couldn't be found on the first try. I unplugged it, and plugged it back in once, and since then all is well.

I can't speak to compatibility with plotters, routers or digital printers, because my home business is design-only. But other good news was that the CorelDraw X5 Graphics Suite seems to be fine, even though I was warned it might not be compatible. And I got an alert from Corel right after install that provided a service pack, without me having to go look for it! Further, I was able to install Microsoft Office 97, no joke. I pared it down to Excel, Word and PowerPoint, but all seem to work just fine. Now, if I could just find a replacement for Windows Live Mail. My biggest problems to this point (even after running Windows 8.1 Preview) are just adapting to the Windows 8 environment.


I know this is an oddly specific question to pose to my blog audience, but truth is, when these articles ping to search engines, it may trip the answer from somebody out there in the vast internets, so I figure it's worth a try! If you have no knowledge of the sign industry or software, just scroll on by. Thank you.

Okay. At my sign company, we have four workstations that run Gerber Omega software, specifically Composer, all version 2.6.1. While Gerber Scientific makes Omega version 5.0 these days, we're still back on the earlier version, mostly because of the Great Recession. We're running on mostly
Ours aren't this old, but some are close!
Windows XP computers (even one Windows 98 machine to run our ancient router!). We would like to gradually update our equipment, because doing it all at once would be cost prohibitive.

But we can't even really get started, because we don't know if Omega 2.6.1 will run on a Windows 8 computer, particularly with a 64-bit processor. We have two Windows 7 setups, which both run the software just fine (though the Braille Interpreter must be run from Virtual PC on the 64-bit computer*). Our shop does use other software to run the laser cutters, and I do some designing in CorelDraw and other programs, but if Omega won't run, we'd be completely hobbled. I'm hopeful that since the ISA sign show is here in Las Vegas this week, that there will be some Googling on this subject going on, and somebody out there can answer me. So here is the question, clearly as Google bait: 

Will Gerber Omega Composer 2.6.1 run in Windows 8 on a 64-bit Computer?

Here's hoping! Thanks, everybody.


  1. Cathal, thank you for your response. I wonder though, if it can be MADE to work. I just wish I had a Windows 8 machine to play with so I can try to figure it out! It's the discovery of the Virtual PC, and the ability to run some older programs with compatibility mode that makes me wonder. I mean, I can get this version of Omega to run on my MACBOOK PRO using Parallels! Anyway, thanks for letting me know that it won't run straight out of the box.

  2. I have the Gerber Omega 5.0 version and just recently upgraded my PC to Windows 8. No luck, so far, on trying to figure out how to 'make' the software and hardware compatible. My supplier that I purchased Omega 5.0 from tells me that windows 8 and the software are compatible but of course does not know how to get us to that point. Currently waiting on a phone call back from Gerber tech, support.. Hopefully we can get my station back up and running. I will let you know what I learn on this issue.

  3. Thank you, Allie. That was going to be my solution (if it came to that) if I need to upgrade, just bite the bullet and get Omega 5. Let me know your progress, I would think it would HAVE to work somehow.

  4. An update of sorts: I installed Gerber Omega 2.6.1 on my Mom's Windows 8 laptop, with my USB key inserted, and it WORKED. I didn't have time before my departure to run a stress test or anything, but it seemed to work just fine. So, I'm fairly confident in stating that Windows 8 WILL run this version of the software, though I do not know if running plotters, printers or routers could be a problem. Since I use mine as a design station only at home, I'm not so nervous about buying a new system.


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