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Friday, July 12, 2013

Prop 8 Supporters STILL Trying to Stop Gay Marriage in California

Good grief, you guys, unclench and just forget it! Not only did you lose--repeatedly--you have suffered no harm. Gay people have resumed marrying each other in California, and life has gone on as before. And now, you're just embarrassing yourselves, and hurting your (dubious) cause.


Prop 8 Authors Ask California Supreme Court To Stop Same-Sex Marriages 

Proposition 8 has been dead for less than a month, and already, its advocates are trying to honor its memory by asking the California Supreme Court to order county clerks to stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. They contend that governor Jerry Brown lacked the authority to put an end to the enforcement of Prop 8, since a provision in the California constitution prohibits officials from refusing to enforce a law unless an appellate court has first determined that said law is unconstitutional. . .

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  1. Kind of sounds like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football when Lucy is holding the ball.
    I'd rather have them start another Prop. instead of going to liberal courts to get their way.

  2. Oh, Dan, you're trying to get my goat, aren't you? The original Prop 8 case tried by Judge Vaughn Walker wasn't won because he was liberal. (I don't even know if he WAS liberal, he was appointed by George H. W. Bush.) It was won because the defense didn't have a credible case. I followed that one closely, down to the transcripts. It was even turned into a play, because of how lopsided it was. The defense's key witness pretty much made the plaintiff's case, and even later switched sides. There's very little chance that SCOTUS would have made a different decision, had they decided not to punt.


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