Wednesday, July 24, 2013

George Zimmerman Helps Rescue People from Car Wreck, Maybe?

Okay, let me start by saying that when I heard that George Zimmerman had stopped to help rescue some people from an overturned vehicle, my first thought was, "Imagine taking THAT 911 call!" Second, I thought. . .Okay. And? And then when they reported it happened a week ago, and that it was being reported by Zimmerman's smarmy lawyer, I thought. . .where's the police report? Because it just sounds odd.

Stephanie Miller, image from NewsBusters
Obviously, if you have a political talk show, particularly one that has been hashing and re-hashing Zimmerman's trial in the death of Trayvon Martin, a fishy story does more than raise your eyebrows, it gives you something to talk about, speculate about on your show. The only one I can speak to on the story is the one I'm familiar with, The Stephanie Miller Show. I listened to today's show, and the topic was discussed, both by the on-air talent and phone callers.

The show is political, but is primarily political humor. So, they had some fun with this one, going so far as to invoke NewsBusters, the so-called "liberal media" watchdog site, not once but several times. Little wonder then, that NewsBusters bit. They saved most of their ire for Bill Press, who I don't listen to. But they did go after Steph and her mooks, mostly by just block-quoting only their comedy riff on the topic, not even jumping on the actual speculation! There had even been a caller who (not citing a source other than being a local) said Zimmerman was merely one of several people who called 911. I'd like to know if that is true, wouldn't you?

Anyway, you can read it all at NewsBusters if you feel motivated. But I warn you, stay out of their comments section if you haven't had your shots. For everything.

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