Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Happens in Vegas: Mt. Charleston Burns, Blogger Tumbles

As I type this, the Mt. Charleston area is on fire. Also, I'm wounded on my extremities. These things are related, but I haven't been near the fire. How so?

Well, as is my usual habit, I went on my four-mile walk through the neighborhood and the two closest parks. While walking, I cast an eye over toward the mountain, marveling at the smoke that wafted in a thick blanket all across the northern part of the valley. I thought to myself, I ought to take out my Samsung Galaxy S4 camera, and try out that panorama shot thingie.

Can you see why I was distracted?
Photo taken July 8 and submitted by John Barry.
From 8NewsNow.
Unfortunately for me, I did this while walking along the edge of an uneven road, and misjudged the drop-off into the gravel and debris on the side of the road. I pitched forward, windmilled my arms, almost caught my balance, then pitched again after two or three steps. SPLAT! And ouch! Multiple abrasions to my left knee, right elbow and right palm. Sprained big toe. Swollen knee and elbow. And blood. . .there was a lot of blood, pouring down my hand, my arm, my leg, into my sock. See, not only was there gravel, but broken glass. . .

My own little tragedy.
Which, to the home owners on Mt. Charleston, is a piddly-ass problem. And one that seems to be getting worse rather than better. It's been burning for eight days, and isn't expected to be contained for ten more, at least. So far, the team of 800 firefighters has been keeping the houses (and the lodge, and other structures) safe from the flames. My bosses have a nice cabin up there, and there are hundreds of other dwellings, some quite fancy. As much as I want those places to survive, I do wonder if they're going to be stuck in the middle of a charred mountain.

Anyway, here's the story. Go ahead and read, I'm gonna be over here picking out shards and stones. . .


Carpenter One Fire Crosses Kyle Canyon Rd., Burns One Building

The Carpenter One fire has now crossed State Route 157, otherwise known as Kyle Canyon Road, according to the Bureau of Land Management. . .

Read more at: 8NewsNow

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