Greenlee Gazette is away at a family event. Some blogging may happen, but not much! See you next week!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Greenlee Gazette Back Online Soon!

Hey, everybody! The past two weeks, and especially the last 4 days have seen little to no activity on the blog. Those last 4 days have been my longest total absence from the blog in the 6+ years I've been writing it. Every other time I've taken a break, I've "seeded" the blog with time-release posts, and enlisted the help of others to fill out the space. This time, I decided you all would forgive me if I just took a total break. And given the seemingly "half on" blogosphere over these few days, I think I wasn't totally alone. But I'm back this evening, or Monday at the latest, with stories and posts that irritate my mother! --Editor

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