Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Progress Report: Computer Transition Under Way

The goal: a) Get new computer up to snuff as a blogging and graphics machine, b) Convert my old computer to The Other Half's computer, c) make sure we both have everything we want from the old machines without needlessly cluttering our new ones.

I'm at least halfway done, with each computer in its proper place (the Other Half's old one is presently set up on the coffee table until it is put to pasture). Files are partly backed up, but not moved off of the external device. And I discovered the pleasure of multi-screens!!!

One of these days. . .
But I've gotten too excited too quickly. I started with an older, non-widescreen flat panel from the closet, next to my huge 27" monitor. And it works pretty great! But that old monitor is not particularly clear, and not particularly attractive. The extended display space is really, really nifty. So, I thought, why not get the older 22" from the Other Half's old computer? Great idea. It's big, it should be just the ticket.

Unlucky me, there is no Windows 8 driver for it. And every website that purports to have one looks extra dodgy. So, I'll either rough it with the old 19" or just stick to one panel at a time until I feel I can justify the price of a second, modern monitor. But now that I have a taste? I've got to tell you, I want it!

UPDATE: It occurs to me, that since I'm blogging this to the whole world, it couldn't hurt to put the name and model of my old monitor out there, just in case there's a techie out there who has happened by. It's an Envision G22LWk. Drop me a line if anyone has an idea how to make it work. I mean, I've gotten several other, supposedly incompatible things to work!

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