Sunday, July 21, 2013

Upgrades at Greenlee Gazette

While I usually have less bloggng on weekends, by this time (currently 8:30ish on Sunday night), I've started getting some new stories up. So, what's the deal? Well, though I've only had my most recent desktop PC since late 2011, I went and got a new one!

See, I'm the techie in the family. And besides the blog, I have a freelance graphics business. So, even though it's The Other Half's computer (circa 2006) that is at death's door, it makes no sense to give him a brand new computer. He was really Mr. Complainy-pants about it before he left on his trip, so I decided to "start looking into" getting a new system for myself, and to hand-me-down my old one to him.

So, I hit Sam's Club, to see if there were any markdowns. There weren't. Okay, so I'll go take a look at the floor models, see what things are going for, get an idea of what I'm in for. I found a Dell (tower only) that had the bells and whistles I'd want, for $799. I looked at a couple more, some all-in-one with touchscreens (not good enough, or too pricey), a couple of budget models (Pentium chips? Really?), and then happened upon an $899 HP, with a 27" monitor. Hello, gorgeous. Nice size!

But I figured, with that big monitor, there must be a scaled down set of specs. But looky here, it's $125 off, from late June to July 21. Today. I wanted to do at least cursory study on this before plunking down my Discover card. Since I'd left my phone at home, I memorized the stock number (19. 45. 81. 19-45-81. 194581. Over and over). I looked it up at home, and was impressed. I looked up the tower-only one, and compared them. Still favorable. I decided I'd better compare the AMD chip in the one I wanted with the others Intel i5. It was a little less powerful, but only a teeny bit. And there was that 27" monitor! Back to the store I went, and now I'm typing this blog post on it.

But I'm far from done. I presently have the new one set up next to the old one. I've got The Other Half's computer backing up to the external drive. I've got my old one backing up. I've started converting my old one to his new one. And I'm putting everything I need on the new computer. Let me tell you, it's a lot of work! So, blogging tonight may be reduced, or non-existent while I finish up.

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