Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anthony Weiner: Clear and Carlos Danger!

By now you know about aspiring New York Mayor Anthony Weiner's latest "not really sex" scandal, in which he referred to himself in sexting as "Carlos Danger." Ira Verklempt, maybe. Irving Meshugga? Anyway, he's got all new nekkid pix with something for the foot fetishists, and something for those who are into pixelization (if anyone can hook me up with the uncensored ones, forward them on, y'hear?). So, don't let it be said that I can't poke fun at a Democrat. And I probably shouldn't have said poke.

Source: Wonkette


  1. Glad you got him.
    Us heterosexuals would rather not have him.
    But how does an ugly guy get 2 good looking women?


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