Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bradley Manning Verdict In: Mostly Guilty, But Not of Aiding the Enemy

I don't know where I come down on the whole Bradley Manning deal, kind of like with Edward Snowden. I understand their motives but not necessarily their methods. And with Manning being military, and this being court-martial? Well, I'm not enough of a military buff to know the ins and outs of all of that. I do know that you literally cannot be guilty of treason if we're not in a declared war, at least so says the Constitution.

All of that said, it would seem that Mr. Manning was treated pretty badly, and not very speedily leading to his trial. I'd still like to know why. And I hope whatever his sentence is, his treatment is a whole lot more "by the book" from here on out.


Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving secrets to WikiLeaks

Bradley Manning, the 25-year-old Army private who gave thousands of classified U.S. military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks, was acquitted of aiding the enemy in a military court-martial, but was convicted on multiple other counts. . .

Read more at: CBS News

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