Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ender's Game Movie Faces Boycott Over Author's Anti-gay Rhetoric

An image of a movie I will never pay to see (Harrison
Ford or not), from source, NBC News
I'm not usually one for boycotts, as I think they often just provide more attention for whatever is being boycotted. But in the case of Ender's Game, a forthcoming sci-fi movie, that's not really a problem. It is a genre movie based on a popular genre book. It only got made because it has a built-in audience. This particular boycott aims to trim that audience. There may be a "Chick-fil-A" effect, where otherwise disinterested anti-gay folks decide to support the film, but I doubt it is as large a group as gay sci-fi fans and their allies. I guess we'll find out.

So, I'm all for this one. Orson Scott Card isn't just a man with an opinion I disagree with. He sits on the board of The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the group responsible for the five-year battle in California to return the right to marriage equality. He's advocated the overthrow of the United States government should they legalize gay marriage! So, this is both personal for me (as half of a married-in-California gay couple), and a principled stand against a hateful author.

It is interesting, however, that Card seems to think NOM's mission is now futile. That gains him a small measure of a smile from me. NOM has to hate that.


'Ender's Game' author Orson Scott Card responds to calls to boycott film

 Author Orson Scott Card is finally speaking out after calls to boycott the film "Ender's Game," based on his award-winning novel of the same title, because of his anti-gay marriage views. . .

Read more at: NBC News

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