Friday, October 21, 2011

Rachel Maddow Teaches Mitt Romney About Lady Parts

I know that the last post was a Maddow post, but I can't help it. In this segment, Rachel reports from the man cave, to explain to Mitt Romney about lady parts, and the basics of conception. Why? Because Mittens agreed to support the idea that life begins at conception. What's the matter with that idea? Well, besides the generally agreed-upon "life begins at implantation," the fact that a large percentage of birth control prevents implantation after conception. Which causes "life at conception" laws to make many forms of contraception illegal. Go for it, America, I'm gay, it doesn't matter to me. But does it matter to you?

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  1. The other problem with defining life/personhood at conception is that the number of eventual people is not yet determined at conception. A zygote can split into two (or more). Two embryos can merge during early pregnancy, resulting in a single person with mosaic DNA. What happens if Mississippi gives legal personhood to a "person" who splits? Is each twin half a person? Is only one of them a person? What happens if two legal "persons" merge? Is the surviving twin a murderer?

  2. Very good point, Jill. There are obviously all kinds of problems with "personhood" laws.

  3. Would that also make fertility clinics guilty of mass murder?


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