Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back to Ohio, Day Three: My City Was Gone

No, my city's not gone. Actually, my city was Whitehall, and in that city, my high school is gone, or soon will be. Every single school in Whitehall is being torn down, and rebuilt on the same land, sometimes concurrently. I can't really believe that this is the best use of taxpayer money, and surely there will be a bond issue up for a vote in order to successfully open the schools, but all that is beside the point. My high school will very soon be rubble, and then less than that. I guess the gym and auditorium will remain, and be incorporated into the new school, which is something.


  1. Holy crap Jamie, you sond like a conservative with this post. I guess going back to conservative Ohio has rubbed off on you?

  2. Oh, I don't know. I'm not sure this issue is either right or left. I've just seen countless times (here in Ohio) a big bond issue passes, they build a big fancy school, and then they say they can't open it without a levy, because they forgot they need to pay the teachers. It's like clockwork.

    Building every school from scratch, and destroying the old ones sounds great if they were all beyond repair, but I just can't imagine that's true. The whole town is only in its 60s. How bad could they really have been?

    But anyway, I started out a Republican, so there may still be a few elephant barnacles on me! :)


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